The IGU Commission Conference Global Rural Development and Land Capacity Building

August 26-29, 2017
Yulin, Shaanxi, China

Keynote speakers

We are happy to invite ten keynote speakers to share their knowledge and reserach progress in the fields of global rural development and land capacity building.

Michael E. Meadows, Academician, Professor

Head of Department of Environmental and Geographical Science,

University of Cape Town, South Africa

Secretary-General and Treasurer of the IGU

Bojie Fu, Academician, Professor,

President of The Geographical Society of China,

Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, CAS, China

Editor of Chinese Geographical Science

Fahu Chen, Academician, Professor,

Vice-president of Lanzhou University, China

Deputy editor of Frontiers of Earth Science

Holly Barcus, Professor and Chair

Department of Geography, Macalester College, USA

Co-Chair, IGU Commission on the Sustainability of Rural Systems

Guy M Robinson, Professor,

Department of Geography, Environment and Population,

University of Adelaide, Australia

Editor of Land Use Policy

Hans Westlund, Professor,

Head of Department of Urban Planning and Environment,

Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Editor of Springer Book Series Advances in Spatial Science

Brigitte Nougarèdes, Professor, Sociologist -engineer

Department of Science for Action and Development,

French National Institute for Agricultural Research, France

Bob Nanes, Professor

Executive director of D-Lab,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Yansui Liu, Professor

Chair, IGU Commission on Agricultural Geography and Land Engineering;


Beijing Normal University, China

Yong Chang, Researcher

Director of Yulin Academy of Agricultural Sciences,

Shaanxi Province, China